Short Essay on Market Places

A market place is typically for the local farmers of craftsmen to sell their products. Local farmers get fresh fruits and vegetables. For them it is good to approach people directly with no middle men. For the buyers the fresh fruits and vegetables are of a better quality.

The farmers also set up stalls selling poultry – fresh eggs, etc. These are not necessarily cheaper than are available in shops but one can expect them to be fresh.

Market places also have florists that set up their stalls selling fresh flowers of different varieties. People love to buy these flowers. Additionally they add to the visual appeal of the market, as much as the colours of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Some market places also have cloth and material for stitching, along with all the necessary extras for decorations like buttons, laces, ribbons etc. Around winter they start catering to wool and thick winter materials. It’s a pleasure to see so many materials of colours and prints put on display.

There are a lot of vendors selling fresh food, fast food, made right in front of you. Burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, hot chips are some of the favourite food for such days. On hot days, one can find stalls selling fresh juices and ice creams.

Apart from these there are specialised stalls that sell homemade fruit cordials or fruit syrups. They also sell honey and homemade wines and ales.

The stalls selling dairy are sometimes very interesting to watch large discs of different types of cheese and large cans of fresh milk. One can buy big jars of yoghurt for a smaller price than in the markets. The cheeses are so rich with the different shades of yellow to white. Cheeses made from cow milk, sheep milk and goat milk are all available. Specialized blue cheese is a pretty sight to look at.

A visit to the market place is best planned on a moderately cool day, when you can take advantage of the long hours without the heat of the day.

By Janhavi