Short Essay on Museums

A museum is a display of collection of various pieces of interest. A visit to a museum is an opportunity to take a look inside the world of art or other objects of significance, often over time, in different periods of history.

An art museum like Louvre is a perfect place to get the feel of how creativity can flow through an artist or a painter. One gets to see the art work or masterpieces by some of the best artists and also some information about them. Sometimes an entire museum is dedicated to one artist like the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, where majority of his works are on display along with a few by others.

Museums give a wide range of exposure to different types of art – photography, Paintings, Sculptures and even clothing and artefacts from history. Personal museums have a collection of valuables, art, clothing, furniture, books, etc., belonging to a person or a family e.g. Salar Jung Museum.

Some museums like that of natural history will have on display, information about history of nature in form of pictures or models or even stuffed animals like dinosaurs or skeletal remains of a whale.

Museums give a real life feel to all these objects of curiosity, the art and the lifestyles from the past, natural evolution, all these things when we read about we imagine. But museums allow us the space to understand what was real.

Many time the museums house objects of importance that have shaped history. It is a humbling feeling to be in presence of these relics, whether they be are or personal belongings, as they carry with them the essence of the owner.

Museums like dolls museum, toys museum or Music museum are a display of the journey taken by these objects, in time. Different types of dolls, dolls houses, toys and the craftsmanship behind these is amazing as compared to the present day mass produced toys and dolls. Musical instruments and their evolution too an enlightening experience about love of music.

Railway museum would be a slightly a shorter journey to cover given the shorter history of railways. It’s a delight to see all those beautifully upholstered coaches, the luxury of the eras gone by.

Visiting museums is especially good for children to develop their imagination and role play skills.

By Janhavi