Short Essay on Railway Stations

Railway stations are an integral part of any train journey. It is a scene for much drama in books and films, marking meetings or partings.

  • Children look at railway stations as an outing in itself because of the so many wonderful trains and engines that they get to see. Even if it is only a train passing by, just to wave out to the passengers is a lot of fun.
  • Everyone loves going to the railway stations to go and receive loved ones. Similarly when we want to see off friends and loved ones it is a pleasure to be able to wave out to them as their train leaves the platform.
  • When we go out for journeys, the stations hold out a feeling of anticipation for a journey looked forward to or sadness for what is being left behind. The destination station also is looked forward to with excitement.
  • The railway station is exciting for another reason, especially on long distance journeys. Most children get to buy books from the bookstalls on the train stations to keep them from getting bored.
  • Then there are also the railway stations that one crosses as a part of the journey. New stations, new places can be exciting and of curiosity.
  • The waiting rooms at the railway stations are also a fun element for a lot of people. In the event of a train getting delayed, a covered and enclosed train station is a safer place to be in, rather than on the platform. This is especially true if one has to wait in late hours of early morning with very few people, or in bad weather. To curl up on a bench can be as much an adventure as to find your own berth.
  • The best part of visiting a railway station is to watch all the different types of train engines and also the different coaches. The view is even better from an overhead bridge.

A train station is a very interesting place with a lot of hustle and bustle or in some cases silent and peaceful till a train arrives.

By Janhavi