Short Essay on ‘Save Animals’

‘Save animals’ is a slogan that is being used worldwide in an effort to conserve the animal life, endangered because of reckless activity and encroachment of humans into the territory of animals.

Importance of animals

  1. Animals are an important part of the entire ecosystem making it rich and diverse. A disturbance there can have devastating effects.
  2. Animals are a part of the food chain of nature, keeping a fine balance of nature.
  3. Some animals are very useful for transportation such as horses, donkeys and especially camels in deserts
  4. Many animals are a source of meat such as chicken, lamb, pigs. Some others sources of nutrition such as like milk, fish oil, eggs also come from animals.
  5. Dogs are very useful as companions and also often for security.
  6. Animal skins are used to make leather; sheep provide us with wool to keep us warm.
  7. Oxen are used in farms for ploughing and for small weight transportation.

How to save animals?

  1. The wildlife conservation parks should be increased in numbers. Ecotourism is a great way for people to get interested in endangered species and also pay for them.
  2. As far as possible if man turns to vegetarian food, a lot of animal lives can be saved.
  3. Zoos must fade out as sources of entertainment and give way to wildlife sanctuaries for the study of animals.
  4. Sever deterrents and punitive measures must be put in place for crimes like hunting animals and poaching. Inhuman treatment of animals must also be deterred by public voicing and by fines.
  5. Eliminating the causes of pollution in air, water and on land can help save many lives that are a victim to irresponsible human actions.
  6. Spreading awareness of concepts like bio prospecting which is a possibility of finding a cure for diseases from an animal product, will make people realise the importance of animal conservation.
  7. Ethical education makes children aware of our responsibility to protect animal habitat and conserve life upon earth.

It is more important than ever to save animals since the rate of extinction has multiplied alarmingly over the last years.

By Janhavi