Short Essay on ‘Save Nature, Save Life’

‘Save Nature, Save Life’  

‘Save nature, save life’ is a slogan which needs to be spread and heard often in an effort to save the life –giving nature. In a reckless drive towards human centred development and industrialisation. Loss of habitat has endangered a number of animal species, and cutting of forests has left us losing many plant varieties. Nature maintains a fine balance. A seemingly useless insect like a bee causes the plant life to grow. If it were to be eliminated, there would be no pollination and many plant species would die. Saving any species in nature saves life.

Importance of nature for human life

  1. Plants provide the necessary nutrition for a majority of humans. Fruits, food grains, nuts and vegetables all come from nature.
  2. Nature provides us with medicines and cures for many diseases, even some life threatening ones. Bioprospecting is a process in which plants and animals are studied for their possible role in medicines.
  3. Animals are important as a part of nature, as well as nutrition, even indirectly such as milk and eggs.
  4. Forests and trees are a big source of relief from pollution since they absorb a high quantity of pollutants and convert them into fresh oxygen.
  5. The flora and fauna in an ecosystem are a very delicate balance. They provide harmony and beauty to the surrounding.
  6. Being in nature gives a soothing sense of peace that is much needed in today’s stressful world. This is a major element for emotional wellbeing as well as physical.
  7. Tipping of the fine balance can lead to results that will surely affect human lives as is evident form phenomena like the Tsunami.

How to save nature?

  1. It will help to bring more and more regions under conservation.
  2. Complete restriction on encroachment upon the newly conserved land will reverse the habitat loss for animals and plants.
  3. Bringing more areas, even of human habitation under afforestation programs will help save nature and only add health benefits to those residential or commercial zones.
  4. Cutting down on pollution levels drastically and continual monitoring of the levels of pollution is also a step towards conserving nature.
  5. Increasing awareness through targeted programs towards conserving nature is needed.
  6. Join some cause for nature, donate or volunteer for such a cause.
  7. Be responsible for your actions by saving water, fuel and keeping surroundings clean.

We being a part of nature, it is our responsibility to save the nature if we want to save lives, including ours.

By Janhavi