Short Essay on Save Tigers

Save tigers

The world as we know it would not be the same without the furry stripy tigers. That is why we want to save tigers. However simplistic and weak the argument might sound that is the truth of the slogan. The last century has seen animals go extinct faster than ever before and the reason is mainly due to loss of habitat for them. Tigers are also an endangered species and all that can be done must be done to save this animal from disappearing from the face of the earth. It is surely heart-breaking to imagine that one day there may be no tiger left and all we have will be pictures of tigers or even some tiger skin displayed on walls. They are at the risk of going the way the dinosaurs did. So we want to save tigers.

Why should we save the tigers?

  • A tiger is an integral part of the ecosystem and a species going out changes the balance of the nature.
  • While we have enjoyed watching them, this pleasure needs to be passed on to the future generation as well.
  • Tigers are formidable and a symbol for strength. It is a pity if we leave them helpless.
  • The tiger needs a large area for survival and comfortable roaming and that has dwindled by 93 percent.
  • Tiger habitat is fragmented, that is, the areas are present in pockets and not connected, which makes breeding difficult.
  • Tigers have been dwindling in numbers in the past century although recently a rise has been recorded for the first time.

How to save tigers?

  • Tiger poaching must be completely stopped. Very strict laws must be made for this and upheld.
  • Tiger reserves must be connected via some corridors.
  • Tiger trade and trade in tiger parts must be entirely banned and the black market for such must be watched.
  • Climate changes must be taken seriously to protect tigers from the effects as in the loss of mangroves in Sundarbans.
  • More people must volunteer for the cause to save tigers and donate towards it.
  • The areas marked out as tiger reserves must be strictly out of boundaries for humans.
  • All governments must put in the political will and commitment towards saving tigers.

Tiger is the national animal of India. People all across the world fear and respect tigers and the tigers deserve it. Yet they are declared endangered and we must take every effort to save them.

By Janhavi