Short Essay on Save Trees

Save trees

Save trees comes alongside save nature and save forests, in an effort towards nature conservation. Today because of the land degradation and claiming of land by man, the trees are in danger. Many species have disappeared and the forest cover has gone down. The climate change because of fewer trees is being experienced in many cities across the world. Existence of trees affects our lives in numerous ways, most of them positive. We must make the utmost effort not just to save trees but to plant more trees and grow more forests.

Even cities must find ways of planting trees in very bit of free open space.

Why save trees?

  1. Trees are the life givers. Trees support a lot of insects and birds.
  2. Many of our fruits and vegetables come from trees.
  3. Trees provide shade, especially on a long stretch of road.
  4. Trees absorb the polluted air and convert it to be fresh and breathable.
  5. Greenery in the surroundings is a soothing influence, provided by trees.
  6. Trees keep the soil bound around roots and thus the topsoil is prevented by being washed away.
  7. Trees provide some important substances and ingredients with medicinal properties.

How to save trees?

  1. Volunteer to plant more trees and be responsible for their care.
  2. Avoid using paper where necessary and use recycled paper to prevent more trees from being cut.
  3. There must be strong political to rein in the construction industry from acquiring forest lands.
  4. Law must be made against cutting down trees without permission and each request to be reviewed for the necessity.
  5. Whenever for broadening road or for construction, trees are to be cut, preference should be given to leaving the tree unharmed.
  6. Donate for the causes of afforestation.
  7. Penalise factories that are responsible for polluting the land in the neighbouring areas affecting the soil and in turn, trees.

Save trees and we will save a number of lives visible to us or not.

By Janhavi