Short Essay on Zoos (Zoological Parks)

Zoos or zoological parks are places where many types of animals are kept for display and for study. Visiting a zoo is an outing which children look forward to with a lot of excitement.

  • There are so many types of animals all found in one place as would not be possible even on a safari. Ranging from lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, zebra, Hippos, and Rhinos to small ones like hares, meerkats and racoons can be seen in one day. Children particularly enjoy watching gorillas, Chimpanzees and monkeys for their antics.
  • A wide variety of birds such as Owls, Toucans, Eagles, flamingos etc. are found in a zoo too. Even to watch penguins from such close quarters as wouldn’t be possible in an open area is entertainment and learning.
  • Reptiles like snakes, Komodo dragons, crocodiles and iguanas can be seen lazing around on branches of trees or logs from a safe distance. These are real life learnings for children about animal habits.
  • Often there are also insects like butterflies in specially designed halls where they can flutter around, all shapes, sizes and colours.
  • Marine or water life can be seen in the aquatic part of the zoo. Dolphins, Sharks, Sea Lions, Seals and many types of fish and other animals can be seen here. There are special trainers which teach them tricks for the entertainment of people.
  • Zoos are often safe breeding places for some type of animals which are shy or are marked endangered. There are specially trained personnel who know all about protecting certain species and keeping them under special care and observation till they become adults.
  • There is another angle to the zoos. The animals are confined to smaller spaces and are made to live in habitats far removed from what is natural to them. On grounds of compassion people have started feeling the need to close down zoos for public entertainment.

Zoos are a rare insight into the lives of animals as distinct from human beings.

By Janhavi