Short Paragraph on Determination

Determination is the ability of a person to persevere and have the will power to achieve a fixed goal.

Determination to succeed is a common value amongst all winners. A determined person can go through rough patches and keep his motivation intact to achieve what he wants, no matter how difficult it may seem at first.

Sports and Art

Sports require a high level of determination because of the physical exertion that is required for any significant level of achievement. The same is true with arts such as music, dance, or even painting. If it is not physical exertion in this case, it certainly needs determination to prove yourself to the world, to create a brand name and to stand out from the competition.


In today’s era of cut-throat competition, business leaders are trained to survive and excel purely on basis of their iron-will and determination to succeed. This is not necessarily a virtue, because in certain situations the cost may be higher than the profit. Through collaboration, even though it takes more time and patience, it is only by determination that some of the best businesses today have created their global brand value.

By Janhavi