Short Paragraph on Information Technology

Technology is changing the way we handle information. With the introduction of computers and internet in our daily lives, data handling and information processing is being increasingly shifted onto the technology platform.

Scientific advancements

Information technology [IT] has made scientific research easier, by processing large amounts of complex scientific information.


IT-based communication has become simpler via emails, video conferencing and messenger applications. Internet based telephone calls are also very cost effective.

Banking and Finance

Information technology has stimulated easy flow of currency via the internet, with a lot of speed and precision while minimising errors. Transactions and transfer of funds happen in a matter of minutes.


The Global Positioning Systems [GSP] utilizes IT to give you real-time help with travel directions via the internet.


IT has made it easy to buy goods and services from across the globe. You can purchase merchandise from any part of the world with a click, book a taxi, get e-tickets for a vacation or a film or even hire a consultant from your home.

In today’s Information technology world, it is easy to find information about everything by just typing it in an online search engine.

 By Janhavi