Short Paragraph on Old is Gold

“Old is gold” is a famous proverb that highlights the value, relevance and importance of the old over the new.


As people grow old, they are sometimes side-lined out of the mainstream life. However, in many cultures across the world today, the experience of the older generations is valued and celebrated. Because they believe that the wisdom of life comes only by experience. Hence the popular saying, old is gold.

Objet d’art

Many articles of decoration, pieces of art, paintings, etc. grow in artistic and monetary value over time. Articles from centuries ago, like paintings, sculptures, jewellery, furniture, tools, etc. are considered very valuable as antiques.


Very old books contain a valuable wisdom collected over the years. Sometimes they give us valuable insights about life at that particular period. It is through ancient literature that one can get a peek into ancient mysteries and secrets.

Science and Medicine

So many scientific principles carried over from ancient cultures such as Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga are turning out to be valuable even in today’s world. Used in combination with modern systems, the value of this old knowledge is growing in multiples.

By Janhavi