Short Paragraph on Peace and Harmony

It can be argued that in today’s world of strife and turmoil, human beings have lost their inherent connect with peace and harmony in the daily life.


Peace and harmony are the vital elements of every religion. There needs to be a way for returning to peace and harmony in human religion.


With modernization and globalization, we live in a world of material excess. This encourages tendencies for increased competition. Instead if that could be replaced by collaboration, we could achieve a more sustainable direction towards growth while maintaining peace and harmony.


All human relationships lead to some amount of unmet expectations, jealousies and resentment. A daily practise of some basic values of love, peace and harmony is vital for a healthy and happy family life.


The world is witnessing a constant fight between countries seeking to outperform each other, especially in a globalized world. However, collaborating and helping each other grow is the best way ahead, because most markets are now shared globally. Global collaboration and prosperity can surely help in creating global peace and harmony.

By Janhavi