Short Paragraph on Politeness

Politeness is one vital strength and value of the civilized world. In today’s rapidly changing and evolving world, what sets you apart is the way you choose to behave, especially with strangers. Polite behaviour is also a reflection of your core personality, your family, your society and your upbringing.

Respectful behaviour towards people irrespective of their age, gender or status in life is considered polite. It entails giving priority to others; means acting with empathy and consideration towards others.

Greeting people that you meet with a smile, giving up your seat to the aged or invalid, holding the door open for people to pass, etc. are the common ways to exhibit polite behavior in daily life.

Parents need to teach their children to be polite and well-behaved by example. Polite children grow up to be popular and successful since their behaviour works as its own recommendation.

In the modern world, politeness is mistakenly considered an unnecessary quality or even a liability by some. However, politeness actually makes you stand out from the crowd as a respectable person of some standing. It is also a vital pillar for healthy social functioning.

By Janhavi