Short Paragraph on Rice

Rice is the most popular grain, a part of the staple diet in many cuisines. Rice is cultivated almost all over the world in water abundant areas or in regions which receive abundant rains. China, other South East Asian countries, India and South America are some of the largest producers of rice.

The most common types of rice are white rice, brown rice, red rice and wild rice. White rice is usually a processed version of the brown rice where the bran of the rice is removed and the grain polished. The whole grain rice is considered the healthiest.

Rice has a high glycaemic index, with exception of Basmati rice, and so not recommended for diabetes. However, rice is gluten-free, so it is recommended as a good grain for people wanting to lose weight or people who have gluten related allergies.

Rice is a popular in cuisines all over the world, especially Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean, African and South American. Popular rice dishes are Fried Rice, Pulao, Biryani or Paella. Rice flour is commonly used as an ingredient in many recipes. Rice bran oil is also becoming a popular medium of cooking.

By Janhavi