Short Paragraph on Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is the concept of development while conversing the environment and resources so that the development can be sustained over the long term.


Deforestation for building cities is leading to a change in the environment. A rapid turn-around to afforestation globally will ensure that this resource is replaced at least for the future.


Most of the energy today is derived from coal which is fast exhausting. Developing alternative sources of energy like Wind, Water and Sun is vital for progressive and sustainable development.


Drinking water is being consumed so fast that the water table is going down at an alarming rate. Finding ways to make sea water potable and to restrict the wastage of water are valuable steps towards sustainable development.


Fossil fuels are also depleting fast. To be able to generate fuel for the future generations, alternative sources such as bio gas, natural gas are the feasible alternatives. Electric cars too can save a lot of fuel.

With development that keeps pace with the regeneration of resources to sustain itself over the long term, over generations; we will truly be confident about being called a developed world.

By Janhavi