Short Paragraph on Trust

Trust is what makes you believe in the good of a person or a situation.

Many people are trusting by nature. They find it easy to get along with most people, as a result they feel easy and happy in life. Children are a usually trusting. On the other hand, some people cannot trust people easily. They are always suspicious of everything. This could be because of some negative history that made them change their outlook to life.

There are many philosophies about trust, especially, about trusting life and that people and situations can turn around with trust.

Gaining a person’s trust says something about your intentions. You are expected to behave in a manner that will always be in line with that person’s well-being in mind.

If one behaves intentionally to deceives another then that trust is lost not just for him, but often for many around. A theft in the house will make everyone cautious enough to not trust people easily afterwards.

Mistrust is a psychological burden to carry in your mind. However, it is important to practice normal caution because over-trusting people are easy targets for fraudsters.

By Janhavi