Short Paragraph on Wastage of Food

Daily millions of people across the globe leave a lot of food uneaten in their plates, which is just thrown into the dustbin. Children are no longer pushed to finish whatever they have in their plates. This is one habit that is causing a huge wastage of food. People fill up their plates with more food than they can consume. The more is better tendency doesn’t have an end.

Millions of human beings elsewhere go to bed with half-full or empty stomachs.

Modern lifestyle consists of throwing ostentatious parties for weddings, birthdays, etc. and the biggest part is of course the food. There are so many varieties of dishes served just so that every guest can find some favourite food there. At the end, there is so much wastage of left-over food. It’s a pity that it cannot be shared with the hungry of the world.

Some innovative organisations pick up all the left-over food after the parties, and provide it to the homeless children.

One should take only that much food at a time as can be finished. Children also must be encouraged to develop the same habit, to avoid wastage of food.

By Janhavi