Short Paragraph on Winter morning

Sometime in the middle of December, one morning you wake up and open your eyes to a world of magic …. it has been snowing through the night!

Looking out of the window you see a magical carpet of snow covering everything that you can cast your eyes upon. The ground, the roads, the trees that look full, the rooftops the fence tops, everything has a thick topping of snow. If you’re lucky you’ll see the snowflakes wafting through the sky. The word ‘pristine’ is what comes to mind. Everything feels so pure, untouched by the world. All this before the day starts and you see footprints or tyres making trails on the white.

You make yourself a cup of tea and sit on your sofa with your feet curled up under you, watching this profound beauty. You try to open the window a little and immediately feel the draught, and shut it back in a hurry. But that one second brings to your lungs the joy of fresh and pure air as never before.

The dawn becomes brighter, as the sky clears and the sun come out. The gentle golden light brings in the softest hues of pink on all the rooftops facing the sun and the most tender blue on the side of the shadows. The glittering snow and starts to throw a bright reflection on the walls inside making you realise that the morning is going ahead on its way.

It’ll be another winter morning tomorrow!

By Janhavi