Short essay on ‘Action speaks louder than words’


The phrase ‘action speaks louder than words’ means  ‘our action determines our reality more than our words.’

This is an English language phrase that is used very often to illustrate the importance of action over words. The reason this phrase is in use is that there are many people who speak very loudly about things that they do not believe in or things that they do not intent to do. This phrase is a reminder to all of us that many people do not mean what they say. They may say one thing and do something else, many times the exact opposite even. This does not mean that people have bad intentions behind saying certain things. But it is easy to get carried away while talking something. People tend to believe things are easy when they are talking about them. But in reality when they try to act over these things they find it difficult to do.

Description and examples

Teaching children

Children are quick learners. It is said that when you want children to learn good habits, it is important for parents to ‘Walk the Talk’. This means it is important for parents to put their advice in practice in front of the children. Children learn from they see their parents doing rather than what their parent talk about.

Business decisions

It is important to base business decisions on the reality of the situation rather than on empty talk. Many times businessmen are in a habit of making false assumptions and empty promises. They may not be connected with reality when they do their talking. But it is important to wait for the right action from your discussion partners before you make your decisions.

Political leaders

Political leaders say many things for the purpose of marketing and winning elections. This may not be their reality. Before you put your trust in a political leader it is important to look at the actions that he or she had done to support the claims.

This is an important reminder in many walks of life that actions are more important than mere words.

By Janhavi