Short Essay on Air Pollution

Air Pollution

Air pollution refers to the presence of pollutants in the air which degrade its quality. These pollutants are the smoke, dust and other fumes emitted by factories, vehicles and other industrial and domestic emissions. Some or the other emissions are an inevitable part of modernisation but once the level of pollutants go beyond an acceptable stage, it becomes a health hazard to inhale this air. There are other fallouts of pollution, affecting all life in general. Having realised this, the modern generations are trying to control the pollution problem.

Causes of air pollution

  1. Vehicles using bad quality fuel cause high level carbon emissions.
  2. Burning fire in the open causes smoke which pollutes the immediate environment.
  3. A large number of vehicles add to the already high levels of carbon emissions.
  4. A booming construction industry ensures a constant presence of dust and other particles floating in the air.
  5. Factories with an outlet for smoke and fumes are constantly seen to be letting out clouds of smoke or fumes.
  6. Domestic use of fire for cooking also causes smoke that is harmful not only for the eyes but also for the lungs.
  7. A smaller pollutant is introduced by smoking nicotine.

Steps to control air pollution

  1. Stopping any burning of fire in the open.
  2. Relying more on public transport will reduce the number of vehicles on the road.
  3. Afforestation around factories as well as in cities will absorb a large amount of pollutants and convert them into fresh air.
  4. Taxing vehicle emission at high levels will encourage emission control devices to be used.
  5. Use of good quality fuel will lead to reduction of harmful gases being emitted.
  6. Providing better quality fuel for domestic cooking can cut down the smoke levels.
  7. Penalising high emission level factories will force them to research alternative waste disposal management methods.

Air pollution is necessary to be brought under control.

By Janhavi