Short Essay on Alcohol

Alcohol is a chemical substance with a particular chemical structure. In chemistry any compound with this chemical structure is called an Alcohol. Any substance which includes an alcohol group [-OH group] in its chemical structure is classified under the category of Alcohols. But in a daily life, in a more social sense the term Alcohol is used to mean a drink that is consumed to experience its intoxicating effects on the brain, mind and body. There are many socio-cultural differences across the countries of world regarding the consumption of Alcohol. But it is a widely consumed drink across the world today.

Socio-cultural differences

Some cultures and countries have Alcohol as a part of their normal, daily diet. Whereas in other cultures and countries consider Alcohol a social evil. There are strict laws that punish consumers of Alcohol.

The reality is somewhere in between for the vast majority of the human population across the world. Many people enjoy drinking Alcohol for fun and pleasure, both privately and at social occasions.

Health and Addiction

There is a significant amount of medical research that shows the beneficial effects of drinking alcohol in moderate proportions, on the human body and mind. Alcohol has a de-stressing and relaxing effect on the body and mind.

But the negative side is that Alcohol has an addictive potential to some people. If consumed uncontrolled, it can lead to severe damage to the body, mind and to your family and social life.

Social aspects

There are many crimes and offences related to Alcohol consumption. A particular example is that of drunken driving. Driving a car under the influence of Alcohol is a cause of many road accidents, even many deaths all over the world, every day. Many other crimes are related to uncontrolled Alcohol consumption.


Children and young adults need to be properly educated about the use of Alcohol in society today. They also need to be educated about the addictive potential and ill-effects of Alcohol.

By Janhavi