Short essay on ‘Believe in Yourself’


Each individual is born with the gift of uniqueness within himself or herself. Existence works in mysterious ways. Sometimes these gifts are not apparent to us. And yet it is important to believe in yourself because that is the only way, one can find a way to express one’s inner truth and inner voice. Many people believe that finding one’s inner voice or truth is the ultimate for of happiness and satisfaction. Because that is what one is meant to be. That is reason why you are born. And you can only achieve this by believing in yourself.

There are many aspects to this quality.

At school

Children are very creative by nature. During schoolwork sometimes students get a different idea or concept that is not similar to everyone else’s. It is important that teachers teach students to believe in themselves so that they can learn to express their creativity and individuality without fear of being judged.

At work place

As adults sometimes we are given projects at our work place. Sometimes we get out-of-the-box ideas that may sound unrealistic at first appearance. And yet, if one learns to believe in oneself, and follows these ideas to their logical conclusion, they turn out to be fantastic solutions to the problems at hand. Each work place needs to encourage its employees to believe in themselves, to maximise its efficiency.

As a country

Sometimes some nations are suppressed under years of traumatic history. And they have forgotten to believe in their strengths. They are divided by hatred and politics. A good leadership encourages its people to believe in their collective strength. If this is encouraged wonders happen and as a country the people can outperform themselves at national and international events.

As a human race

As human being, we need to believe in our innate goodness to face the global challenges of hatred, violence, environmental threats, etc. Human race is a beautiful creation of existence. If we learn to believe in the qualities of love, peace and joy within each one of us, we can create a heaven on earth.

By Janhavi