Short Essay on Benefits of Owning a Dog

One often hears the saying, ‘A dog is man’s best friend’. Many of us can claim that to be the utmost truth. A dog is a four-legged animal that is domestically helpful for companionship or security.

A person, who owns a dog or many dogs is usually referred to as a dog owner.

Benefits of owning a dog naturally refer to the advantages that a person or a dog owner derives from having the dog as a pet or for security. It is a well-known fact that dogs are the most loyal of all animals. Apart from this they are the closest to human beings in affection and have adapted to co-habitation with humans.

Benefits of Owning a Dog

  1. Dog owners usually claim that their family gets completed by the addition of a dog.
  2. Children born in a family owning a dog are usually much more immune to germs and allergies as against those where there are no dogs.
  3. Children who grow up with dogs have a different and more sympathetic outlook towards all animals in general and are less afraid of them.
  4. Dog owners must walk their dogs. This becomes a daily form of exercise as well as a quality time spent with your pet.
  5. Houses with dogs are less likely to be vandalised or robbed since most dogs bark at the slightest hint of a stranger’s presence. This is also a reason why many people like to put up signs to make people aware of the presence of a dog, even if there really isn’t one.
  6. Dogs are excellent companions especially for old people or those who live alone. They take away the ennui of the solitude by very low maintenance.
  7. For a person back home from work, the excitement and joy of the dog on seeing her takes a large part of the tiredness away.
  8. Dogs often replace a therapist, they are so good at guessing that you are in pain and will sit by you and commiserate as long as you do.
  9. Some varieties of dogs can also act as babysitters, although not for little babies and certainly not in the entire absence of a grown up.
  10. Guide dogs do an excellent job by guiding their blind masters through the roads and the various transport system that the master needs to take.
  11. Police dogs are specially trained sometimes to track down the trails left behind by criminals, and other times by sniffing out people from under debris or sniffing out bombs etc.
  12. For a child in the house, the dog is usually the first companion who teacher her to share things, affection and attention.
  13. Many dogs can do useful things like fetching the newspapers etc.
  14. Having a dog confirms your image of being an animal lover and usually gives a good balance to the personality.
  15. Dogs chase away small animals like rodents and cats from the house.


Dogs are a worthwhile addition to any household or even offices at times.

By Janhavi