Short Essay on Benefits of Playing Games

Games are activities that are intended for amusement. They are an activity driven by an objective to be achieved. Usually each game has a set of rules that the players follow to reach the winning point. Games are different for children and adults although there can be a considerable overlap. Games are a way for children to learn as they grow. Some games also are played just for the fun of trying your luck. Games can be played individually or by many players. Games are a good way to pass time actively and entertainingly in parties.

Benefits of playing games

  1. Games are played to have a creative activity while spending some time with your family or friends and often even strangers.
  2. For many elderly games like solitaire are a way of spending their alone time by keeping their mind and thoughts engaged.
  3. Children learn a lot of things by playing games, numbers, colours and better vocabulary.
  4. Ball games with children are very good for improving hand- eye or foot- eye co-ordination.
  5. Cooperation is one quality that comes by playing games like land and sea or tag.
  6. Some games help improve memory such as the game of memory.
  7. Some games like party games such as ‘pin the tail’ are just for fun and meant purely for frolic and entertainment.
  8. Playing games like scrabble are very useful in improving vocabulary.
  9. Many board games like ‘Guess Who? ‘are a means of improving your analytical and problem solving skills.
  10. Others like even the simple ‘knots and crosses’ are very good for learning about strategy.
  11. Sports games like the Olympics are an excellent platform for the best sportsmen to meet and contest.
  12. Computer games or video games also, although addictive can help build on some qualities of strategy, memory and analysis.
  13. Concentration is also a quality that is needed in playing games like the Rubik’s cube.
  14. Casino games are a form of gambling and are not recommended as a suitable way of amusement. However, very rarely there might be financial winnings arising out of these games.
  15. Games played in the classroom help involve all children actively and help learning better.


Playing games is a great way to keep one engaged and using that time productively. However, a small note of caution against video games and casino games must always go along.

By Janhavi