Short Essay on Benefits of Technology in Human Life

Human Life has become very complex and competitive in the modern world of today. It can be defined to include various aspects like Personal Life, Social Life, Professional Life, etc.

Technology can be defined as the use of Tools and Machines that are used to bring more comfort and ease in Human Life.

Technology in the modern world can be defined as a combination of Internet Technology, Computers and Information Technology and Telecommunications Technology.

Benefits of Technology in Human Life

  1. Technology in prehistoric times was invented in the form of basic tools for cutting, digging, cooking, etc. Since then Technology has always made Human Life easier in different ways.
  2. Technology in early twentieth century meant the manufacture of huge machines that brought about the Industrial Revolution. This benefits all areas of Human Life.
  3. Industrial Technology made travel easy because of manufacture of cars and other automobiles.
  4. Industrial Technology made homes better because of development of modern building materials and engineering.
  5. Industrial Technology made daily life better because of better clothes, better toilet and drainage facilities, better house cleaning technology, etc.
  6. Industrial Technology made entertainment affordable and accessible in our homes with manufacture of Televisions, Radio and Music Players.
  7. Industrial Technology made Work, Sport and Leisure better because of availability of work-efficient equipment in all areas of life.
  8. Industrial Technology made Medical Field more valuable with the development of modern medicines and modern hospital equipment.
  9. Technology in the late twentieth century and since means a combination of Internet, Computers, Information Technology and Telecommunications Tools. This has benefited Human Life with a new level of unimaginable comfort.
  10. With modern Online Technology you can shop for groceries and daily utilities from the comfort of your homes, using online tools.
  11. Modern Computer Technology and Information Technology has transformed Human Life into the Paperless era, where all work has shifted to the Online World.
  12. Modern Telecommunications technology allows you to access the entire Online World for business and pleasure from your mobile phone device.
  13. Social Media Technology Platforms have revolutionized the Social part of Human Life. With Social Media you can stay connected with your globally located friends and family.
  14. With Online Technology you can run your Online Business and access a Global clientele for your goods or services.
  15. With modern technology daily travel has become easy with the availability of destination mapping tools like the Global Positioning System [GPS].


Technology has made Human Life easy throughout the history of Human Civilization. Modern Technology has taken this comfort to a new level of convenience and ease.

By Janhavi