Short Essay on Books


Books are objects made of paper bound together, that store written information and knowledge which can be read and used at a later stage by different readers. In today’s modern world the use of online tools like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. has gone up significantly for reading. Hence the use of physical books has gone down proportionately. The books that are available online are called E-books or Electronic books. These are exact replicas of the physical books in terms of content and information available. It is just that the form of the book is different.

Books serve various purposes.

School, College and Universities

Books are a vital educational tool, used in all academic institutions across the world. All teaching and transmission of education happens via books. Books of various kinds like textbooks, workbooks, notebooks, reference books, etc. are used by students and teachers to study various subjects. Some subjects require in-depth study and analyses and hence they have special research oriented books, which are focused on specialised knowledge on a subject.


Libraries are store-houses of books. Libraries have books on various and multiple subjects. These are generally available for borrowing by becoming a member of the particular library. This saves the cost and effort of buying all the books. Libraries generally also have reading spaces where library members can come, sit and read the books of their choice. Books in library help in broadening the knowledge of vast populations on various subjects of interest. They can elevate the education level of the society at large.


In today’s information technology world, E-books are more commonly used than physical books. These books can be accessed online from your handheld device. E-books are available on all possible subjects. Schools, colleges, libraries, companies, organisations, individuals, etc. can all access books from all over the world from the comfort of their surroundings. E-books sometimes give you access to information that would be otherwise impossible to access. We can also save on the maintenance and storage costs with the availability of e-books.

By Janhavi