Short Essay on Bus

A Bus is a vehicle of transport that can carry a large number of people at the same time.

A bus travels on the road and is used as a means of transport via roads. Typically, a bus can carry between ten to fifty passengers. Buses are commonly used as a means of public transport but they are also used by companies, organisations or even by a group of families for private transport. A public transport bus, has a ticket conductor along with the bus driver. The ticker conductor is responsible for sale of tickets and also for checking that all passengers have bought the tickets.

Public transport

The commonest and most beneficial use of buses is as a means of public transport. Buses run from one fixed destination to another fixed destination. These are generally far off destination with several halts at significant locations on the way. Many cities, towns, regions, states across various countries of the world have their own network and fleet of buses used as public transport. This is a great source of revenue for the local government. It is also a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of transport for the mass public.

School bus

A school bus transports children from their homes to the school before school starts and back home when the school ends. Generally, most schools have more than one school buses, that run on different routes across the town, so that the children on that particular route can choose the particular bus number. This way school bus networks access a large part of the student population. Also all children enjoy the fun of travelling together to school every day.

Company bus

Companies and organisations use buses for the daily commute of their employees and staff. Similar to the public transport these also ply over different routes so that employees from various locations can access this convenience. This saves a lot of fuel and transport expenses for the company and individuals too.

Bus for group transport

Buses are also used for picnics and vacations by large groups of people travelling together.

By Janhavi