Short Essay on Car

A car is means of transport for personal or family use, that is used to drive on the roads. It is also called an automobile. By this we mean, a machine that can move by itself. In the modern world, car is the most common mode of transport used for personal or family use. People use cars for their daily commute to work, to drop their children to school, for shopping, for picnics, for vacation travels, etc. In cities, roads are generally full of cars of various brands, shapes and sizes. Car traffic has become a critical issue with the modern life. Also air pollution due to the cars is an environmental hazard. Public transport options like buses, trains, etc. are recommended as an alternative.


The first car was invented in the early part of the twentieth century by Henry Ford. It was called the Ford T-model. Since then industrial revolution has picked up pace across the Western world, and the automobile industry has expanded far and wide in terms of geographical reach and variety.

Manufacturers and brands

There are various famous manufacturers of cars across different parts of the world today. General motors and Ford are famous manufactures from the United States of America. Toyota is a reputed Japanese car manufacturer. BMW and Mercedes are famous German car manufacturer brands. Hyundai is a Korean car manufacturer.


The common parts of a car are as follows. The seating compartment has the driver’s seat and 1 to 5 passenger seats, depending on the model and make of the car. The car generally has four wheels and one back-up wheel. The machinery of the car called the engine which drives the car is generally located at the front end. There is a storage space at the back end of the car. Cars run on fuels like Petrol, Diesel, etc.

Modern Cars

Electric cars are being developed in the modern world, to deal with the environmental impact of cars today. Driver-less cars are also being developed to make driving, travel and traffic more safe for commuters on the road.

By Janhavi