Short Essay on Changing Role of Youngsters

Like every generation is different so is the role of youngsters in every generation. However, with the changing world with accelerated development and technology this change is even larger.

Responsible leaders of the future

Youngsters are seen as the future leaders as they are the future. However, since the past generations of development have seen a huge damage to the natural resources and natural life, the repercussions of the activities being far reaching and long lasting, the new generations face a tough choice. They have to reverse the trends and take responsible decisions to sustain their future development along with bringing back the natural balance. They will start early in the lessons learnt from the earlier generations to conserve resources, cut down environmental damage and look towards life with a health oriented approach.

Peace and compassion

Unlike the earlier generation of youngsters who were taught values like nationalism and egoistic attachments to symbols like caste, race or religion and region for survival, the youngsters of today must learn to see them for what they are, mere symbols. The elements and values of humanity, ethics and compassion must take precedence over all else. The one goal that every youth must strive for must be compassion.

Global Collaboration

Youngsters today should develop a collaborative attitude against that of competition. In the globalised world, there is little scope for competition. There is always someone ahead. As against this adapting collaboration is a way to take everyone ahead taking advantage of the qualities and talents of everyone. Nations too must adapt a collaborative attitude towards each other, helping develop the weaker ones and taking the entire human race ahead.

Real life leaders

The youngsters these days are aware of what they are facing and are admirably taking such leadership stands even at young ages. It is common to see students from schools and college leading awareness campaigns and peace marches. Some even go ahead and explore world leadership by participating in events like the mock United Nations Assembly etc.

Every youth these days is striving for excellence in the field chosen by her. More fulfilling careers and life goals are being recognised and are replacing outdated notions of ‘success’

Youngsters are the new responsible thought leaders whether in fashion, music or politics and sciences.

By Janhavi