Short Essay on Democracy – Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages


Democracy is that form of an organisation where each member of that organisation has equal rights to decide the running of the organization. This terminology applies to the governance of a state in its most common form. In that case democracy is a form of governance run by people through representatives that are elected amongst themselves.

Advantages of democracy

  1. Every individual has a say in the way the state works. Policy decisions are not forced on to the people by some totalitarian thought process.
  2. Every individual gets to vote for the representative ideology that he or she believes in.
  3. Every decision taken is sufficiently deliberated and debated till all its pros or cons have been discussed before finalising.
  4. The representatives are also from the common man and need not have special qualifications or lineage to be a part of the government.
  5. If some party tries to take undue control, there are provisions that the common man can express disapproval and take away the powers given to the party or to the body.
  6. The government is in principle answerable to all their actions.
  7. In theory, every representative tries to do her best to uphold the confidence that has been placed in her by the people.

Disadvantages of democracy

  1. The biggest drawback of democracy is the very small possibility of congruence. Given the number of people and hence the number of opinions, coming to a decision is a very tiresome task.
  2. Often well intended decisions are also stalled because of the opposition placed on it just like on every idea presented.
  3. A government representative has to be far-sighted and not looking at short term gains, because any tough decision has an impact on her vote bank.
  4. Opposing a proposal is sometimes just a matter of standing in opposition to the present government and is a futile, time wasting exercise. These actions are a waste of the hard earned taxpayer’s money.
  5. Democracy can sometimes be reduced to a game of power and goes against its own principles.

Sometimes, a democracy can weaken governance. However, it is surely the most recommended form of governance if human and civil rights are to be fulfilled.

By Janhavi