Short Essay on Flowers

Flowers are the beautiful, colourful and often fragrant parts of a plant or a tree. They are a part of the Life Cycle of any flowering plant or tree. So the plant is first a seed, the seed is sown, it grows into a sapling, a sapling grows into a plant, and then at the right time, the plant bears flowers. These flowers then after pollination are converted to a fruit. Flowers are the most beautiful part of this life cycle process of any flowering plant. Depending on the species of the plant, there are many different varieties of flowers, that are differentiated by their shapes, sizes, colours, patterns, fragrances, and other appearance characteristics.

Significance of flowers

Flowers serve various functions in human life and in life all around us, including the following:

  • They are very attractive and beautiful creations of existence. So naturally they enhance the quality of life around us in all aspects of our lives. Just to see a flowering tree in full bloom as we walk on a street lifts our spirits to a new level of enthusiasm and joy.
  • For the plants their flowers are their organs of pollination and reproduction. There are male and female parts of flowers. Through pollination by wind or insects, these get together and they give rise to a fruit. This fruit is the edible part of the plant and has there are many fruits with great nutritional value for human life. The fruit also has seeds which continue the life cycle of the plant.
  • In a social way, giving flowers is a way of expressing your feelings of love, friendship, companionship to each other. If one of family members or friends is in the hospital with some medical condition, it is customary to give flowers to this person, to lift his or her spirits. Even at social occasions and family functions people give flowers to each other as an expression of their affection and intimacy to each other.
  • Many flowers have special value and significance. For example, some flowers are of particular religious and spiritual value. Some flowers like roses have a romantic dimension. Romantically involved couple share rose flowers with each other.

Flowers are the most beautiful parts of the plant kingdom and they spread beauty with their mere presence.

By Janhavi