Short Essay on Friendship


Friendship is a mutually beneficial relationship arrangement that two or more individuals agree upon. It is generally a very personal and private arrangement between the individuals and they are called friends of each other and hence the arrangement is called as friendship. Friendship is categorically different from all other relationship formats like a marriage or other family relationships like brother, sister, cousin, parents, etc. Friendship is beyond any legal binding or agreement like a marriage does. Friendship also is not dependent on you being related by blood like brother, sister, cousins, etc. Although friendship can occur and should be the basis of all relationship formats like marriage and even the blood relationships. Friendship is vital for the success and happiness in any relationship.

At School

We all make friends at school. The friendships that we form in our school, generally stay with us throughout our life. They are a source of genuine happiness, play, fun and also companionship during the ups and downs of our school life.

In Society

Many of our all have a different friendship network in the society at large beyond the bounds of school. These can be across all age groups. But mostly we tend to make friendships in the same age group as ours. Or rather those are the most enjoyable and long lasting friendships.

In College

As we grow up our friendships are also connected with our life goals. So we make friends with like-minded colleagues at college who wish to pursue same career goals for example. It is a source of joy but also a source of support and sharing for the academic objectives of college life.

At Work

It is more likely to form friendships are work that help in your work related day to day objectives. Working in teams is always better and friendships form the basis of your teamwork atmosphere at work.


In today’s globalized world, it is not necessary to stay restricted to your immediate physical world to form friendships. Through Online Social Media, etc. you can reach out to like-minded people across any country of the world and form friendships, for the sake of fun or for your travel objectives.

If you cultivate good friendships, they will stay with you throughout your life.

By Janhavi