Short Essay on Healthy Food

Healthy food

Healthy food and a healthy diet are the most important factors for good physical health. There are some general parameters that determine healthy food. There are some other parameters too that are a bit more scientific and medical based. But and large if we follow the general parameters for healthy food and diet, that is enough to give us a normal healthy lifestyle. But if you have certain specific health goals like weight loss, weight gain, sugar control, fat control, etc. then it is relevant to go into more details of the scientific or the medical aspects of diet control.

General parameters of healthy food

The general factors to have healthy food are as follows:

  • Homemade food: It is important to consume home-made food on a daily basis. Home-made food is cooked under the supervision of your family members and all due precautions are taken to avoid any excess ingredients or unhealthy way of cooking.
  • Traditional food: Traditionally and culturally accepted food and diet parameters are generally healthy for you and your family. This is because traditions and cultures grow over generations of accumulated wisdom. They are customized around the particular requirements of your climate conditions, genetic makeup, racial specifications for bodily structures, etc.
  • Outside food: It is better to avoid outside cooked food, or at least to keep it to a minimum level only when necessary.
  • Non-traditional food: Sometimes foods that are not in line with your traditional food lifestyle are attractive to your taste buds, but not suitable to your digestive system or for the balance of your bodily chemistry. It is better to take them in moderate proportions as and when the situation demands.

Scientific or medical parameters for healthy food

The following will help you develop healthy food habits:

  • Have big proportions of foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre. So fruits and vegetables of all kinds are very healthy and vital.
  • Take good proportions of proteins every day. So vegetarian proteins or fish, eggs, can be good sources.
  • Balanced small amounts of carbohydrates and fats are necessary for healthy diet. These need to varied depending on your specific dietary and medical requirements.
  • It is very important to keep yourself hydrated. So drink a lot of fluids and water.

Daily consumption of healthy food is a primary requirement for good health.

By Janhavi