Short Essay on The Benefits of Social Media

Social Media refers to the various internet-based, technology-powered Platforms or Tools of Mass Communication.

A more common terminology is ‘Online Social Media’, because these Tools are all Online and they help you stay connected with your Social Contacts, your friends and family, across all countries of the world.


  1. Social Media also called Online Social Media are the modern means of communication in our modern, technology-driven society.
  2. Social Media like Facebook help us stay connected with our friends and family spread across different countries of the world.
  3. Other Social Media like LinkedIn are developed and designed to meet Professional Networking Objectives.
  4. Social Media like LinkedIn also help us stay connected with our Global Network on a daily or regular basis as per our specific professional needs.
  5. Social Media like LinkedIn are also used by Human Resource Professional to hire new talent.
  6. Social Media like Twitter have been instrumental in empowering people across various nations to bring about Social Awareness and Social Change through instantaneous information sharing.
  7. Social Media like WhatsApp are used daily by many people across the world to just ‘stay-in-touch’ with each other, about the small daily details and important events in their lives.
  8. Social Media like Instagram are used for more artistic pursuits, and many people use them to share their Photographs and Visual Art.
  9. Social Media as against the Print Media [Newspapers], Visual Media [Movies], are run by content generated by common people. So common people get to share their perspectives and stories.
  10. Some Social Media can be used as Online Marketing tools, where you can do the Marketing for your Business or Individual needs, to the global target market.
  11. Some Social Media like YouTube have revolutionized the Audio-Visual Industry, as individuals can share their Audio-Visual Creations with the world.
  12. A big advantage is that most of the Social Media are accessible Free of Cost to all.
  13. Social Media like Skype are used for internet based Free Voice and Video calling, across the Globe.
  14. Most Social Media have mobile applications, so they can be easily accessed from your mobile phone even while you are travelling.
  15. Some Social Media Platforms offer your Online Space to create your own Blogs where you can share more personal and focused content about yourself and your work.


Social Media have revolutionized the way we stay touch with our Social Network in the modern world.

By Janhavi