Short Essay on Tiger

Tiger is a popular large animal.

Where are Tigers found?

Tigers were historically found in all parts of Western Asia, Central Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia. But over the centuries, the Tiger population has suffered a severe decline. Today Tigers are found mostly on the Indian subcontinent in some parts of the countries of India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Siberia, etc.

What is the climate that tigers live?

Tigers prefer to live in moderate tropical climates because of their lifestyle and predatory roles. So the common climatic and landscape conditions for Tigers are evergreen forests, grasslands, swamps, thick green vegetation, etc. They need a thick forest cover. Tigers, like most other animal population survive close to a waterbody. They need good places that they can use as caves, like old trees, rock formations, small hills, etc. where they can raise their families.

Nature and Habits of tigers

Tigers are both solitary and social by nature. So adult tigers generally mark and maintain their territories. But Tigers have a strong social behaviour connected with mating and raising their young ones. The males are more territorial than the females, and generally the females are more responsible towards raising the young ones.

How can we save tigers?

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora [CITES] is the central international body that has stimulated collective effort of many countries for Tiger Conservation. The awareness and ban on Trade in Tigers, Tiger body parts; ban on poaching, hunting of Tigers; and encouragement of conservation and breeding of Tigers are some vital measures.


Tiger is an important part of our wildlife ecosystem and Tiger Conservation is important for the survival of many animals and plants.

By Janhavi