Short Essay on Values in Indian Culture

Indian Culture

Indian Culture is one of the most ancient cultures in human civilization. The Values in Indian Culture are deeply rooted in the uniqueness of Indian civilization. These Indian Values are determined by many factors like Indian mythology, ancient Indian scriptures [Vedh, Upanishad, Purana, etc.], Social habits developed over time, historic external cultural influences, effects of modernization, etc. These Values of Indian Culture affect the upbringing of every Indian, in every Indian family, consciously or subconsciously, and help in shaping better human beings and better citizens.

Sources of Indian Values


Mythological stories of gods and goddesses are a major source of Indian cultural values. For example, worship of Lord Ganesh as a sign of auspiciousness, the values of righteousness from the life of Lord Rama, the values of spirituality from the teachings of Lord Krishna, etc.

Ancient Scriptures

Ancient Scriptures determine Indian values in all spheres of life even today. For example, many teachings of Ayurveda are used as Values to lead a healthy life. The teachings of Bhagwat Gita are used as Values for Spiritual peace and happiness. The teachings of Ramayana are so omnipresent that they determine the very fabric of the Value System of Indian Culture.

Historic Influences

Over the centuries many historic influences have shaped the core of the Indian Values. For example, the emergence of Buddhism from Gautama Buddha and Jainism from Mahavir, strengthened the Values of Non-violence and Vegetarianism. The influence of Moghul Empire influenced the Values in multiple areas of life like Cooking, Lifestyle, Music, Arts, etc.

Modern influences

Modernization in the Globalized world, has its own set of Values; and the young Indian population is no exception. It is influenced by a mixture of Values from ancient Indian Culture and some Values from the modern Globalized world. This can sometimes lead to emotional confusion but also helps align with the changing times while maintaining your roots.

Significance of Values from Indian Culture in today’s world

India along with the entire world is changing rapidly everyday with the effects of technological and modernization changes. It is easy to lose your identity in this modern world. Teaching Values of Indian Culture to your children helps them stay rooted in their native culture; and gives them a sense of unique identity that they can relate with throughout their life.


Importance of Values of Indian Culture is more pronounced in the modern world today.

By Janhavi