Short Essay on Benefits of Modern Technology

Technology means the use of machine to minimise human effort. Modern technology usually refers to computer technology among other types. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something to look forward to.

The benefits of modern technology from the moment of waking up to that of going to sleep in the night are as varied and innumerable as there are people. In this technology driven world, life is made so easy that it is almost impossible to imagine how life must have been when none of this was available.

Benefits of Modern Technologies

  1. Internet has made communication so easy that the world has become small enough to send your loved ones over because they still remain close to you, even if not physically. It is easy to have a face to face chat all the way across the globe.
  2. Businesses have the global market available for them. They are no longer restricted by geography for their clients. E-commerce or online businesses are now feasible because of the electronic forms of payment or online banking.
  3. One of the most primal phenomena of giving birth has now become not just easy but even painless by the medical technology.
  4. Medical technology, among other things takes the credit for personalising medicine based on the DNA.
  5. Biometrics is a great way towards uniquely identifying individuals and to personalise security.
  6. Drones are the new pizza delivery boys and also the new levitating security personnel, keeping a watch on your building as you go about free of care.
  7. The rob vacs save you the effort to manually carry the vacuum cleaner as you clean. Instead you can set it to work as you focus on relaxation or other work.
  8. Similarly, the robot lawn mowers can free up your time and effort to focus on other meaningful things in life, perhaps manicuring your garden.
  9. For book lover, having multiple titles at their disposal, without the necessity of carrying the weight of even one, is a treat like no other because of eBooks.
  10. Prepaid cards to make payments are a secure way to have your child equipped with cash for emergency or fun, without having to worry about her losing cash.
  11. Businesses across the world can now thrive because of the technology making it possible to make long distance presentations, agreements and payments even in foreign currency possible and easy.
  12. For young mothers who leave their toddlers in play schools or crèches, having access to the CCTV cameras which allow them to see the child is a blessing.
  13. Students can now have access to teacher from a distance and can work easily under guidance by the teachers electronically, without having geographical restrictions.
  14. Examinations, especially the multiple choice question types have become accessible anytime and anywhere, with the results available almost instantaneously.
  15. The information system used by the public transports has made travelling and commuting easy and efficient.


Having left behind the wonders of electricity and automobiles, we have entered an era of safe driverless cars and unmanned department stores. How technology will shape the future is impossible to imagine and looked forward to eagerly.

By Janhavi