Short Essay on Benefits of Participating in Sports

Sports are activities for amusement that involve mostly physical but sometimes mental exertion.

Sports can be played individually or in a team. They may be played indoors or outdoors. Tennis, Chess, Hockey and Gymnastics are some examples or different types of sports. Chess is all about mental strength whereas others have varying degrees of physical activity either by the individual or by a team collectively or in turns.

Sports of different types have been popular since ancient times.

Benefits of participating in Sports

  1. People play for different reasons, the biggest being physical fitness. The activity and rigorous training that a person needs to go through are very good for the overall fitness levels.
  2. Amusement is another reason for participating in sports. It is a medium for socialising.
  3. Since you meet like-minded people while playing sports, you are more likely to make lasting friendships by engaging in some sport.
  4. Sport has been a medium for discipline since the ancient times, which builds the all-round personality.
  5. Valuable qualities like concentration and patience are developed by participating in sports.
  6. One learns to face failures bravely.
  7. Sports teach the importance of ethics which reflect in other aspects of life as well.
  8. Team sports are great way to learn the importance of team work where the efforts of the team are prioritised over that of the individual.
  9. Sports bring in a balance to your study or work life.
  10. A person who participates in some sport regularly finds it easier to face stress in life.
  11. For some, who excel in sports, the career path becomes smooth if followed in this field.
  12. A sport, like all other fields, has its share of politics and manipulation, going through which builds up the emotional strength.
  13. A successful sportsman gets due recognition thus satisfying a very basic psychological need in a human being.
  14. Successful sportsmen are duly absorbed in the employment market depending on their qualifications.
  15. Sports coaching is an equally noble profession as it helps develop other sportsmen.


Participating in sports is a great way of finding a constructive activity that keeps the body and mind fit.
By Janhavi