Short Essay on Benefits of Planting Trees

Trees are the very symbol of life. They provide nutrition, shade and oxygen and support a variety of life forms. Trees are the higher form of the flora. Planting a tree usually involves sowing a seed or planting saplings. As it grows, layers are added to its trunk and more and more branches grow out of the trunk and the branches eventually het covered with leaves. In season it can be laden with flowers followed by fruits. Trees usually provide a canopy around its trunk which is very useful for shade.

Benefits of planting trees

  1. Planting a tree is the first right step towards preserving nature.
  2. When a tree is planted, it gives one a sense of responsibility towards the growth of the plants and so is usually an activity that children are encouraged to do.
  3. Planting of trees leads to increase in the greenery in the neighbourhood and is very pleasant and soothing to the eyes.
  4. More trees planted purify the air by absorbing the harmful gases and converting them to Oxygen.
  5. Planting orchards can be very exciting because of the anticipation of the appearance of fruits in the season.
  6. When more trees are planted, nature often rewards us with the Spring season bestowing its beauty in the form of trees all abloom in a riot of colours.
  7. Planting trees is a way of replacing the wood that is taken from the nature by felling trees.
  8. When trees are planted the fruits growing from them are often a way to provide nutrition.
  9. Planting more trees brings birds to sit or settle on them and bless us with some of the most beautiful music that nature has.
  10. Who doesn’t long to sit in the shade of a tree after a long walk in the sun. Planting trees is a way of providing this shade to someone in the future.
  11. Lots of trees planted along the sides of the road can result in the formation of a tree lined avenue, which is a pleasure to walk or drive on, any time of the year.
  12. Trees are often planted for the medicinal value that is derived from one or more of its part. Neem tree is considered highly valuable in medicine.
  13. Paper is still derived from wood. Planting trees ensures a supple of paper that will continue as the trees grow.
  14. Wood from trees is very useful for construction and other purposes. Planting more trees can ensure replacement of the wood used in the future and the continued supply.
  15. Trees provide shelter to small animals, bird and insects. It is an ecosystem by itself. Planting trees helps this grow.


Everyone must take it upon themselves to plant trees so that we have a better future for us and the following generations.

By Janhavi