Short Essay on Burden of School Bags

Problem description

School bags are bags that students are supposed to carry from home to school and back from school to home. Sometimes these school bags become a burden because there is no control left on the number of books that the students are expected to carry in a school bag. This can have severe health consequences on the students. School-going children have growing bodies that are not yet fully mature as compared to adult bodies. Their bones and muscles are still in a process of growth. At such a stage to burden their bodies, backs, with heavy bags can lead to skeletomuscular deformities in some children.


Different schools have different policies for school work and homework. If a disproportionate attention is given to homework, the students are expected to carry a lot of books in their bags. This consequently increased the burden and health risks for students.

Orthopaedic and Medical Specialists have cautioned against the burdening of children with heavy schoolbags. There has been a lot of medical research all over the world over this topic. This has highlighted the medial aspects of this problem too.

Changes over time

In olden times, few generations back, students used to carry only one or two books or even no books to school because the education format and expectations were relatively simple. With changing times, the expectations from schools, teachers, and education systems have all gone up. Consequently, they all transfer the pressure to the students. This translates into increased studies, increased number of books, increased hours of homework, etc. All this has led to the increased burden of school bags for children of all age groups.

Possible Solutions

  1. Some school have book cubbies in which students can store their books instead of carrying them back home every day.
  2. If all possible curriculum is transferred to e-books the burden of books in school bags will go down.
  3. Some schools use online homework systems so students don’t have to carry books in school bags.
  4. Some school even adopt no homework policy as a solution to this problem.


By Janhavi