Short Essay on Education of the Girl Child

Education is a primary requirement to lead a happy and fulfilling life in today’s world. Women form roughly half of the human population on our planet. It is a common sense understanding, that shouldn’t require much debate, that education for women is as important as it for men. And hence, educating the girl child, should be the same, as educating a boy child. And yet sadly, over generations this has not been the case.

Traditional vs Modern

Traditionally, in many parts of the world, education for the girl child was not considered as important as educating the boy child. In fact, in many regions it was not considered necessary at all. This was because, women were considered to be home-makers, and had a secondary status to men in society. It was considered necessary for men to be educated so that they could learn their profession to earn a living for the family. This equation has changed in today’s world, in most regions of the world. Women in the last century have proven themselves to be equal to men in all areas of life, if not better in some. Women have excelled in all professions including doctors, engineers, lawyers, politicians, armed forces, etc. Of course, it follows that they have an equal right to education as the men.


In fact, in today’s world sometimes it is found that girls are more motivated and disciplined towards education than boys. Girls are the future mothers of our society. If you raise a well-educated girl child, you lead to well-educated mother, and a well-educated and intelligent family. A mother is an emotional pillar of every family. If she is well-educated, she can better understand and take care of all the needs of the family members. If the woman of the house is educated as well, she too can have an earning profession, and both husband and wife can together contribute to the finances of a stronger family. There are some professions like nursing, medical, social worker, care givers, etc. that are considered more suited to the feminine temperament, than for the men. Education gives women the ability to access these and all other professions of their choice.

Educate every girl child, and raise a better family, a better society.

By Janhavi