Can money buy happiness? – Short Essay

This topic involves a question that doesn’t have a Yes or No type of answer. Rather it has a more descriptive answer, which has various dimensions to it.

What is happiness?

Happiness is one of the most subjective and individualistic terms in human life. By that we mean, one person’s happiness is different from another person’s happiness. In fact, sometimes they can be the exact opposite too. For e.g. an artist’s core happiness might lie in artistic satisfaction, and not in the financial part of it, whereas, an art dealer’s happiness might lie not so much in the artistic quality of the work, but rather in the financial gain from it. There are various types or dimensions to happiness.


Happiness has been a subject of deep philosophical inquiry since the beginning of mankind. The objective of philosophy of happiness is to study, analyse, understand and define the meaning of happiness across human life. This dimension of the study of happiness can be very different from the actual experience of happiness in real life.


Spiritual happiness is directly related to a person’s connection with his soul and with his spiritual side. In spiritual world it is said that happiness is beyond the material world and beyond the world of the mind. It can be attained via meditation.


Material happiness depends on one’s material wealth and possessions. The more wealth and possessions a person has the happier he is supposed to be. Of course, nothing in life is so straight forward and simple.

Health and Well-being

Physical health and well-being are vital for a happy lifestyle. It is important to enjoy good health, if one wants to be happy in daily life.

Emotional and Psychological

Happiness is primarily an emotion and a thought. Thus emotional and psychological health are mandatory qualities for a happy life. A lot depends on your daily mental and emotional state, to determine your level of happiness.


Money can provide the means for happiness, in all above dimensions. But it is not the source of true happiness. Everyone needs to create his happiness from within himself.

By Janhavi