Short Essay on Art and Craft


Art and Craft is a subject talk in schools and colleges that is about developing the artistic abilities in children. This is sometimes a slightly neglected subject in many cultures and educational systems. But there is increasing evidence that shows the importance of Art and Craft in the education of children. It is also important for adults of all age groups. Art and Craft practice helps develop the right side of the human brain which deals with creativity, emotional intelligence, intuition, imagination and all the softer social skills in our life. Practice of Art and Craft also increases the fun, enjoyment and quality of our lives.


The field of Arts generally involves activities like Drawing, Painting, Acting, Dancing, Performing, Sculpture, Drama, Theatre, Cinema, Photography, Fashion Designing, etc. Though all of these are specialized fields in themselves they have certain common attributes related to creativity and imagination.


This field involves the activities like Paperwork, Woodwork, Origami, Metalwork, Jewellery making, etc. These too are all specialised fields in themselves. But they have common skills connected with the Psychomotor development of an individual.


Schools all over the world have Arts and Crafts classes. But there are huge differences in the way they are given importance in the overall education system. In some developed countries, Arts and Crafts are being given increasing importance because they are directly related with the emotional, creative, psychological, psychomotor development of the children. They are seen as tools for developing better children, better adults and a more harmonious population at large. But in many emerging countries of the world, due to competitive pressures and lack of development, this is not the case.


There are many colleges in today’s world that provide specialized education and training in all the different streams of Arts and Crafts like Painting, Sculpture, Acting, Directing, Moving Making, Theatre, Dancing, Singing, etc. These colleges train individuals to become professionals in these particular fields.

By Janhavi