Short Essay on Being a Good Human Being


The most vital definition of success as a person is probably about being a good human being. Being a good human being means different things to different people. People are conditioned by different social, cultural, national, political and educational influence. People try their best to follow the cultural norms of good human behaviour. And yet, there are some challenging circumstances in every human being’s lifespan, when his values and morals are tested. Integrity is defined as managing to maintain good human behaviour even under trying and testing circumstances.

The various aspects of good human behaviour are as follows:


All good human behaviour starts at home, with an individual. If as an individual, one is able to follow good human behaviour, then one can contribute the same in every section of society wherever he gets an opportunity. Every individual should maintain good physical hygiene, mental and emotional health, as that is the basis of all good human behaviour. Following some spiritual, meditation or prayer practices can help develop a base for good morals and values.


If every family member is united in similar values of good human behaviour, then the psychological dimension of the family improves. The family functions as a harmonious entity, focused on development of all family members; and also on their contribution to the society. If every family thinks about giving back to society, then families become motivators for social change.


Maintaining a safe and secure social life for all elements of your neighbourhood is key to good human behaviour in your surroundings. The social atmosphere in your neighbourhood is a reflection of the behaviours of all the individuals that make up the neighbourhood. A good neighbourhood encourages the values of mutual respect, social decency, cultural heritage, religious freedom and gender equality.


It is more complicated and challenging to manage good human behaviour at a regional or national level because of cultural, religious, etc. biases. And yet, if the leadership follows good human values, that sets an example for the nation to follow in their daily lives.

By Janhavi