Short Essay on Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories

For most people, childhood memories are the most cherished of all. They are the memories of love, innocence and idyll. When one does go back to those memories the aura created around is that of the most perfect setting for everything.


Your family is of course the biggest part of those memories. Your parents, caring and loving, even at times strict but forgiving are the background of these memories. Your siblings feature heavily in the sweet memories of fun, fights and all the naughty pranks played in the house or outside. No matter how big the trouble, you were safe at the end of the day cuddled up in your mother’s lap. Grandparents, uncles and aunts complete the picture by having pampered and spoilt you.


Most of us wouldn’t remember our first friends. But childhood memories are incomplete without the thoughts of your friends with whom you played, fought and forgae in moments. Sometimes these friends left and you never met or met after several years had passed. But the memories hold on to the sweet innocence of digging in the mud, climbing trees and falling off walls.


School holds another special place in the childhood and its memories linger for long after you have left it. We’ve all had a favourite teacher and some very close friends. The first day of school after the vacations with the fresh smell of the newly covered books, often a new bag or new pencil cases was exciting. The intimidating buildings and the inviting playgrounds forever become a part of the school memories.

Toys and titbits

Who can forget the small details like some favourite doll or a toy car that one always took wherever one went, even while sleeping. Sometimes you come across a book that had been a favourite as a child so does the magical world that was created with it.

Sometimes it’s a poem or a song but each one of us always carries a part of the childhood with us. The rest of it stays as the most perfect memories as emotions even as the details blur.

By Janhavi