Short Essay on College Days

College-days account for a short yet sweet phase of life for most of us which we look back with much fondness. College is the transition from a strictly bound regime of school and the vast ocean of experiences of the free world.


Since one comes out of the constricted world of school, one feels overwhelmed by the newly gained independence to go unchaperoned into the world. One can choose what to study, how much to study and when to attend the lectures. However, it is advisable to be aware of the responsibilities that come with independent decisions. The advantage of college days is that it falls between the two extreme of total dependence to total independence. One is still operating in a safe environment.


Since you likely meet new people you have the opportunity to make new friends. Also since you are likely meeting people who have chosen to study the subjects similar to yours the reason for bonding is better. Many people make lasting friendships in colleges. A few also find their life partners there.

New avenues

Going to college give you more exposure to activities connected with the real world. Many colleges have projects that connect their students to real life work atmosphere. Some find themselves attracted towards social work or some social ideologies taking them closer to leadership roles in the future or politics.


College life is also a lot about spending fun times with friends. Many people have their favourite hangouts that they like to frequent. Going for picnics, movies, music concerts and other events are also the highest in this period, before work and family responsibilities take over.


This is also a time for experiencing different emotions. Anxiety over career potential, falling in love or out of it, heartbreaks keeping clear of peer pressure and managing disagreement with parents on several issues etc. are the emotions characteristic of this phase of life.

College days mark the beginning adulthood for most of us and are so full of new experiences that tend to remain in our memories.

By Janhavi