Short Essay on Health Benefits of Sports

Sports are individual or collective games or activities played by people for fun, physical fitness or for professional reasons.

Health Benefits can be of various types including Physical, Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual, etc.

Health Benefits of Sports are of multiple levels, because various types of Sports have been designed to suit various Health needs of individuals or groups. Different Sports act on different parts of your mind, body and spirit, bringing out the best in you.

Health Benefits of Sports

  1. Sports like Body Building have direct Health Benefits on your Muscular System, because of the daily exercise necessary for training.
  2. Sports like Tennis, Badminton also have Health Benefits on your mental faculties of mental co-ordination.
  3. Sports like Chess have Health Benefits by exercising and improving your Logical Thinking Ability.
  4. Sports like Football have Health Benefits on your Social Life because it trains you for Team Work.
  5. Sports like Swimming have Health Benefits on your Lungs and Respiratory Functions.
  6. Sports like Gymnastics have Health Benefits on your Balance and Equilibrium Functions.
  7. Sports like Archery and Shooting have Health Benefits on your Powers of Concentration and Focus.
  8. Sports like Running have Health Benefits by increasing your Mental and Physical Stamina.
  9. Sports like Cricket have Health Benefits by offering your exposure to grow multiple talents and finer skills like Bowling, Batting, Fielding, etc. in one game.
  10. Sports like Yoga and Martial Arts have Health Benefits on your Meditative and Spiritual dimensions.
  11. Sports like Hockey have Health Benefits on your Hand-Eye-Foot Coordination.
  12. All Competitive Sports offer Psycho-Social Health Benefits, where you are taught vital skills needed to succeed in a competitive atmosphere at various regional and international levels.
  13. Sports like Synchronized Swimming offer Health Benefits for Physical and Mental Coordination on the basis of Team Work and Music.
  14. Combat Sports and Martial Arts offer Health Benefits where you can learn techniques of Self-Defence.
  15. Sports like Cycling and Running offer Health Benefits for your Heart and the entire Cardiovascular System.


Various types of Sports are available in the modern world today. You can access them at your leisure for personal growth or even for professional pursuits. All Sports have one thing in common – they all offer multiple Health Benefits. If you cultivate the habit of Sports in your daily life, it will improve all aspects of your Health.

By Janhavi