A Beautiful Garden – Short Essay

Gardens are always the best option for our daily pass time and me especially, as whenever I get back from the job, I put on my tracking clothes and go for a walk in the garden. The garden in which I go is a beautiful garden near my house where I get to see lots of flowers and various other things which we can’t see in our day to day lives.

I love flowers and the garden I go to, contains lots of flowers of various varieties. And I am the person who talks to flowers and tries to interact with each, and every one of them like many writers used to interact in the past, and that is why there isn’t any day when I do not travel to this beautiful place.

I have a passion or shall we say a hobby that I follow a lot, and that is cricket, and the garden also has a small ground where one can play cricket. Whenever I see someone playing, I request them to make me a part of their team, and in this way, I play cricket in the garden as well.

In the garden, I usually see a lot of people performing various Yogasans as well. I am going to the same garden from past five years but the trend of people performing various Yoga exercises is very new, and it attracted me as well, and I sometimes perform some of these exercises.

Garden is a place for those who love greenery, my favorite color is not green, but the greenery that I watch in the garden is something else as it makes me feel like I have never seen something more amazing than it.

The garden has lots of slides, toys, and roundabouts for children and elders; the garden has various pathways for walking.

All in all, this garden is perfect for every kind of person and for any kind of activity that people can perform.

By Vishakha