A Busy Railway Station – Short Essay

I am a person who has to travel a lot due to my job and traveling to various stations is a part of my job. Last week I visited New Delhi railway station, and I can say that it is quite a busy railway station. I noticed a lot of things there, and below I would list them all:

  • The station was so crowded that when I entered the station and my platform especially, it felt like I have entered into some kind of fare. People were looking for their trains and running towards their racks, and some were roaming here and there waiting for their trains, and a lot of people were there in the waiting hall as well.
  • There were lots of shops for tea and snacks, bookshops and fruit shops, etc. which were all packed up with a massive number of people.
  • I faced a big problem at the station as well which was that a lot of fans were not working and people were suffering from the humidity that Delhi had that day.
  • Then I went to the inquiry counter which was near the ticket counter and what I noticed was that there were never-ending lines on both the counters and I was not even able to inquire about my train.
  • Then my train came, and I boarded my train. Suddenly a policeman came and announced that all the passengers should keep their belongings safe as lots of thieves wander around the trains and try to snatch the mobile phones, wallets, and jewelry of passengers. It made me sad at one point but it also made me very active, and I kept my mobile and wallet in my safe pockets.

I must say that I boarded the train with a lot of difficulties and I had never seen such a crowd at any railway station before. This was my experience of a busy railway station which I had a week back in Delhi.

By Vishakha