A Journey by Train – Short Essay

Trains are my second home as I have to stay in trains for more than 15 days of the month because my job is to inquire about the cleanliness of the trains and I have to work and take rest on alternate days. But a few days back I had a fantastic experience of a journey by train named Rajdhani express. Here is what amazed me in Rajdhani express.

  • Rajdhani express is one of the most famous, one of the speediest and one of the most expensive trains in India. I work under a contractor where I need to look after the cleanliness of various trains and this time I had to look after Rajdhani express which was traveling from New Delhi to Jammu Tawi Railway station.
  • I was traveling first time by this train, and I was amazed by the services that this train had to offer. I always imagined as why this train’s ticket is so expensive and on that day I came to know about it as the charges Rajdhani express has, completely matches to the services that it has to offer.
  • I saw that people got served with freshly prepared food and coffee or tea on their demands which was free of cost as everything was included in the fare of the ticket.
  • Most of the people were of high-end society, but then I noticed that there was a person whose clothes were dirty and it didn’t look like he could afford to travel by Rajdhani express. I went on to ask him as for why he is here, and he then replied that one of the passengers paid for his ticket as he wanted to travel to Katra to visit Shri Vaishno Devi temple. It made me surprise that such kind-hearted people still exist who would have spent thousands of money to purchase a poor guy an AC ticket to his destination.
  • I inspected the train entirely and took feedback from the customers, and they were all very satisfied with the cleanliness. But the most significant benefit that I got was that I also went on to visit the famous temple in Katra and that too in a train which I had never even dreamt of traveling in.

So this was my fantastic experience of the journey by one of the best trains of India, Rajdhani express which would be the favorite of lots of train lovers.

By Vishakha